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Focus on waterproof and breathable
components, new energy vehicle
battery explosion-proof


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New energy vehicle battery/battery pack/electric box waterproof and pressure relief solution

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Car battery safety issues have been a hot topic in China.

Car battery safety issues have been a hot topic in China. At present, the PACK package explosion-proof valve developed by Xinyu Technology has successfully solved the problem of automobile battery explosion for the explosion-proof waterproof and breathable products designed for automobile battery packs and battery boxes. Widely used in pure electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, new energy hybrid vehicles, hybrid vehicles and other batteries to promote the rapid development of automotive batteries.


Xinyu Technology explosion-proof valve features:

1. The pressure difference can be quickly balanced on the basis of IP67 protection level.

2. Directly communicate with the outside when the burst pressure value is reached.

3. When the chamber pressure is less than the burst pressure value, it can be reused.

4, metal material shell, strong corrosion resistance, long service life.


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