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Focus on waterproof and breathable
components, new energy vehicle
battery explosion-proof


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Core technology one

The new energy vehicle battery is waterproof, breathable and explosion-proof. The explosion-proof membrane can be waterproofed to IP67 protection during normal use. When the pressure inside the battery box suddenly increases, the explosion-proof membrane will be ruptured instantaneously, achieving rapid pressure relief and protection. Passenger safety.


Core technology two

The production process breakthrough, the traditional manufacturers use the more traditional manual plus auxiliary equipment production, our company will realize all automated production of mass production products, ensuring production quality and production efficiency.


Core technology three

PA66 is only required to realize the welding process with EPTFE film. The market demand is that many high-end products require PA66 material when higher performance materials are needed. The existing process can only prevent the waterproof and breathable film from being fixed on the valve body through the secondary injection molding process. High cost and high defect rate. Our company has solved the actual welding process of PA66 material and EPTFE through more than half a year of research and experiment, and reduced the use cost while ensuring the same performance.


Core technology four

The industry's first, independent mold design, development, production, injection molding processing, more professional, faster and corresponding customer needs.