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First, the enterprise talent concept:


Innovation beyond common success

Second, the concept of talent introduction: no outside to avoid enemies, not to avoid relatives, both ability and political integrity, Haina Baichuan

Third, the concept of talent cultivation: people are suitable for their jobs, posts are suitable for their own people, people do their best, they use their best

Fourth, the concept of talent growth: career development, human management

V. Interpretation of talent concept:

1. People-oriented

People-oriented emphasis is on respect for people.

Respect for human differences, use their strengths, optimize human resources, and do their best to make the best use of their talents.

Respect for differences in people's abilities, people with different contributions have different rewards, responsibilities, powers and interests, abilities, contributions and rewards are symmetrical, and responsibilities, powers and interests are symmetrical.

2. The quantity is applicable

There are talents and talents to reuse, there is no talent to use, no virtue is not used.

The quantity is applicable, because it can set the post, the ability determines the position, and the contribution determines the value.

The use of the competition mechanism of "the ability to be able, the mediocrity" to stimulate the potential of human resources and subjective initiative, so that talents with both ability and political integrity, stand out.

3. Innovation beyond

Learning and innovating, constantly surpassing, never satisfied.

Improve the salary incentive mechanism, adhere to performance management, and carefully analyze and summarize the assessment results, so that the rewards and punishments are clear, objective and fair, the awards are well received, and the penalty should be.

Adhere to "the best result of today is the minimum standard of tomorrow"!

4. Success together

Qixing Electric has transformed the traditional unequal relationship between enterprises and employees, so that employees and enterprises can be equal and strive for the common goal.

We believe that everyone is a talent. Focus on the present, development and future of each talent. The success of talent is the company's greatest success. Advocate "the development of individuals and businesses together."



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