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Application description

      Sinri products are widely used in new energy automotive industry, outdoor communication systems, marine ship flying, chemical packaging, lighting, outdoor security systems, military equipment, instrumentation, medical equipment, sensors, household appliances, photovoltaic solar, LED, consumer Electronics, microfiltration, electronic heating equipment and other fields.


      From July 2016, Sinri began to export its products to the international market for export to more than 150 countries in the world including Korea, India, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, Egypt, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Finland, Brazil, Singapore and Turkey.

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        The electric comfort quality in daily personal care products brings great convenience to life. It has rotary or reciprocating mode and different power supply and waterproof performance, which provide more choices for the public.。


        Sinri specializes in waterproof and breathable solutions, providing high-quality waterproof and breathable products for various electronic products such as brush series. For example, waterproof and breathable film, adhesive type and push-type products can meet the waterproof protection requirements of brush series products, improve product quality and extend the



Protective products


Electronic equipment products





 Waterproof level:IP65-68

 Air permeability:72-256ml/min@p=1.25mbar

 Water blocking pressure:>-120mbar(>1M)

 Temperature range:-40-110℃





 Waterproof level:IP68

 Air permeability:0.42L/H

 Water blocking pressure:>-0.4bar

 Recommended container:0.2-2L





 Waterproof level:IP68

 Air permeability:≥155.8ml/min(△p=1.25mbar)

 Water blocking pressure:>0.6bar

 Recommended container:0.2-2L




The Sinri EPV series of explosion-proof valve venting components can be easily operated manually by

simply screwing them into the ventilated cavity aperture to meet the explosion-proof requirements of

any performance range for specific environmental needs.


1.Pure film type can be directly welded on the injection molding for easy design and molding;

2.The adhesive type can be adhered to various sealing cavities and is easy to install.;

3.Can be customized according to customer product design size requirements.